Monday, March 16, 2009

The Final count down

Hello All. I must have stayed up to late last night starting my Blog I am tired. I have tons of work to get done due to 4 days left as Sweetser. My cases were being reviewed and I was informed that I have a lot of things that are not done that should have been done. This is getting overwhelming. I Know what your thinking why can I have time to blog with so much things to get done. Well the answer to that is I needed to come home after picking up Emilie at Dance and meeting the boys off the bus. Candie had to work tonight so the kids and I are chillin at home. I will work and kids will play. Man I miss playing. anyway seem that things will get done on schedule and starting next Monday I will be working as the Camp and Rec directior at the Boothbay Region YMCA. The YMCA was a second home to me and starting employment there is like a dream come true so I thank everyone who help me throughout this process. Goodbye for now and I will continue to update thoughout the week.

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